Here we go!

Hello Friends!!

 Welcome to my blog! I am so excited y’all are joining me, and walking alongside me in this new chapter of my life.

I have always loved going on mission trips but never thought I was “good enough” to be a full-time missionary.  I wasn’t a Christian Studies major, I don’t have all of John Piper’s sermons and books memorized, sometimes I get overwhelmed in deep theological conversations, and I don’t own a pair of Chacos. How could I be a missionary?  But God pushed passed all those blocks and made it very clear he had chosen me to share his love with the youth and immigrants in Berlin, Germany. 

My senior year of college I was a part of an event at my University called Missions Emphasis Week, and we had missionaries from different parts of the world come hang out and teach classes about what it is like to be a missionary. Throughout the week I found myself getting excited about the things the Lord was doing abroad and also wanting to be apart of it somehow, but I didn’t feel like I was equipped to help. On the last night, one missionary, Craig, pulled me aside and told me he felt led to tell me that I’m going to do big things abroad and that my fears about fully committing to being a missionary were not of God. I was absolutely stunned because I had only talked to Craig once that whole week and never mentioned anything about wanting to go into the mission field but being too afraid. The Lord truly spoke through Craig that night, and after talking with him I went home and began to pray about missions and ask the Lord if that was what he had planned next for my life. After many prayers and conversations with people dear to my heart I felt that going into missions is where God is leading me.

I cannot wait to share my journey with you guys and I am so thankful for the support!

Much love,