Oooh We're Half Way There! (Thoughts at the 1 Year Mark)


How did this happen? 1 year mark… how did I get here already? For those of you considering GO>>ing for 2 years overseas to use your major and find your place in God’s global work, delve into a new culture, explore another language, challenge yourself personally, emotionally, and spiritual, then here’s the tea of what accepting that step of faith looks like for me, 1 year in.


Looking back guys, I am truly blown away. 1 year ago I was with my family, enjoying long, intentional quiet times, packing, buying everything I thought I needed, etc… Now, I have lived in Berlin, Germany for a year, been studying German for 10 months, attend and am involved in a German-speaking church, small group and worship team, work at a café using my degree in business, renting my first apartment, made best friends, build relationships with Germans, can find what I need at the grocery store, use public transit without GoogleMaps, and I’m still ALIVE! I could have NEVER imaged my life would look like this one year ago and, more importantly, I could NEVER have gotten here without Jesus and placing my whole trust on his perfect plan and saying yes. My relationship, dependency, love and devotion to my Jesus has never been deeper. Some days, it just me and him, on the street, going to language school, going to work, etc. There have been many ups and downs, it seems like every week Jesus had something new for me to learn, experience and depend on him for, if not every day. But there was never a day I thought, “God, is this really where I’m supposed to be?” No matter how hard it got, I always believed that my Jesus is greater than the fear, the circumstances, and the many cultural mishaps. This has been the most humbling year, but also has shown me more of who Jesus really is and his heart for me and his pursuit for people.


If you considering 2 years abroad or stateside with GoCorps and you’re thinking (or people around you are saying), “Oh, what a waste of time. You can do all that here. What will my mom think? How much will that cost? 2 years?! Man, that’s a long time...” I want to challenge you to turn off all that noise and just look up at Jesus. Your personal savior who LOVES you. Who he really is. He who has a perfect plan for your life. Who created YOU with your gifts and passions and talents to bring his LOVE, that he gave you, to the world he LOVES so much. This is who Jesus is, lover and PURSER of the world. And he’s asking you to join him. Take the step of faith. Say yes to Him. Say yes to a life of yes to Jesus.



Mit Freudlichen Grüße,