My Real Life Facts... up to this point.

What does it mean to live a life on mission in Berlin?

 (Many things, but I can tell you what it means for me :D)

  1.  A life on mission means waking up every morning verbally saying, “Your will, not mine.
  2. A life on mission means seeing your mission field as more than non-believers and being part of every person’s journey with Christ who he places in your life.
  3. A life on mission means using all your God given gifts and talents to his glory.
  4. A life on mission means giving up your rights and serving over being served. (This must come from the heart.)
  5. A life on mission means abandoning what you thought mission was and how it was done.
  6. A life on mission means trying the foods of the people.
  7. A life on mission means spending time learning the language of the people.
  8. A life on mission means waiting and listening for the voice of God.
  9. A life on mission means respecting your authorities, especially when you think they’re wrong. And having their back.
  10. A life on mission means always trusting in God will and plan over your own. His timing over your own.
  11. A life on mission means not losing yourself and where you’ve come from, but allowing new people and cultures to challenge you and continue to form you into the person God designed you to be.
  12. A life on mission means at the end of the day, lying in bed having failed, gotten up again, learned much, mad a fool of yourself, gone the wrong way on the train, been tempted and fallen, gotten from point A to point B without Google maps, had a language victory, gotten yelled at by an old German lady, understood the first time, made a new relationship, talked to someone you love, cried, really cried, had your mind blown, been brought to your knees by the obvious power of God, and after all that, basks in Jesus amazing presence knowing he has you exactly where he wants you, you are covered in his love and forgiveness, and he has made you to carry the power of the gospel in your chest to share with all people.

Whether youre a goer, thinking about being one, or none of the above, I dare you to ask God what he wants from your life this side of heaven, wait on him to speak, then go after it with all ya got in ya. You won't regret it.

- H