Living a LIFE with hands open...

Hello bloggys.


Question: Do you have some big decisions to make? Perhaps you’re a graduating high school senior and it’s time to decide on a college. Or you’re a graduating college senior and it’s time to look for your next steps. Or, you’ve already made all these decisions, perhaps even a long time ago, and your grown comfortable or uncomfortable with where your life is. Or you’re very content with your life but still wanting a soft heart to hear the Lord’s voice.

I hope this covers everyone. If it by chance didn’t, this is still for you too.


This past week I was able to attend CHALLENGE Conference in KC, MO and I was asked by this awesome kid how exactly God called me to serve in Berlin. I told him, “Well, when it came time to decided what to do after school, at this point in my life my heart was completely surrendered to the Lord. So, I said to God, ‘Lord, I’m going to knock on every door I can and let you open and close them, and in obedience I will walk through the one you open and bless. I just opened my hands to the Lord’s leading and waited on Him. So, after time of applying to GoCorps/ReachGlobal Berlin, YWAM programs, and a few human resources jobs (since that’s what I studied in undergrad), the Lord clearly opened and blessed 2 doors. ReachGlobal in Berlin and an HR position in Nashville, TN. Both great options, and I’m sure I could’ve chosen either one and the Lord’s will would’ve been done in my life, but I knew in my heart of hearts that God was asking me to take the less know, less comfortable route and take a step of faith and go to Berlin. My hands were totally open and I can now say with full confidence I am exactly where God wants me. I am glad I listened to the Lord, not myself.”


And I was reminded this week, that this posture of palms up to heaven saying, “Lord whatever you want from my life, the answer is yes,” like I had during this decision-making time, is a posture I don’t just want to have when times or tough or when a big decision is on the line, but ALWAYS! Every day I want to be led by the Lord.


God doesn’t want your ability, he wants your availability.



Big question:

Where is God asking you to live with palm up to heaven?


Liebe Grüße,