Whatchu lookin' at?

"So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal."

2 Corinthians 4:18

Its been 23 days since I landed in Berlin! My mind has been blown, expectations blasted, norms shattered, and faith strengthened like literally never before. (Yes, not figuratively) I’m am so excited to continue in this journey with Jesus as my guide, strength and ALL. Keeping my eyes FIXED on him is my number 1 priority.


1 radical truth I didn’t foresee coming to Berlin is the absolute necessity of “upping your spiritual game” and figuring out ways to keep my eyes FIXED on the one who sent me here. A 1 hour quiet time won’t cut it anymore since I’m no longer in a cozy, Jesus dripping community and, for the most part, moralistic, Jesus accepting culture. At least where I’m from. Here’s a few tactics I’ve started implementing to keep my eyes FIXED on my King…


  • NON-NEGOTIABLE daily bible reading, prayer and journaling. Preferably in the AM before the day begins.

    If you were in a war, would you DARE go to the battle field without your weapon?!

  • Daily alarms on my phone for 9AM, 12PM, 3PM, 6PM and 10PM to remind me to fix my eyes on Him, lift up a praise, regain an ETERNAL perspective, etc.

  • Making worship music my only music. I know for some this may sound extreme but to all my fellow EDM lovin’ brothers and sisters, don’t underestimate the pumpin’ Jesus music that exists out there! Music, movies, etc. have a major effect on my thinking and attitude so this is an area of my life God has demanded surrender for me.
  • Using public transit time wisely (which is a lot of my days here in the great city of Berlin) and reading my BIOY (Bible in one year) app. It has commentaries that tie together all the readings of the day from the Old, New and Ps or Proverb. It’s awesome and I’d highly recommend!
  • Being prayerful in ALL things. Like actually. It God brings someone to my mind, pray for them. If a train car full of random people pass by, pray for them. if I say something in German to someone that we both know made no sense at all, talk to Jesus and remind yourself who sent you here, how many times he affirmed this calling and who’s already won the victory.


These are just a few, hopefully even more to come over the next 2 years.

THE BIG QUESTION: How can you “step up your game” and remind yourself DAILY, HOURLY, MOMENT BY MOMENT of WHOSE you are?

Listen to the song, too. 

God’s favor,