"...I commit my cause,”

“As for me, I would seek God, and to God would I commit my cause,”

Job 5:8


The time is almost here! Many of my good friends have already launched off to the field and in just 11 days I will too. Bittersweet just doesn’t seem to capture the crowd of emotions that dance around my heart in these final days. BUT over them all, God’s indescribable peace and confidence, that I am exactly where he wants me, shuts up all the fear, sadness and anxiety. Period.


One of God’s many lessons for me this past month in preparing me is housed in the book of Job. The Lord drew me to this book and he faithfully delivered a heart piecing, soul igniting rhema (word straight from heaven to my heart). Job 5:8 says, “As for me, I would seek God, and to God would I commit my cause,” and I thought to myself “Uh, yeah I wanna do that. Commit my cause to God. If this thing isn’t fully backed by him, his calling, fueled by his power alone, you better believe it won’t last long.” Now, I know full well that it is God who has called me to Berlin, not mine, and I know that my job description is to be a MISSIONARY, proclaiming the love of Jesus with my words and actions BUT does that mean its automatically committed to God? NOPE. Just because you’re working at a church or going on a mission trip or living everyday life as a believer in Jesus Christ DOES NOT automatically mean its committed to God, under his authority and fueled by Spirit power! And this is God’s conviction on my heart. I want to commit the work I’ll be doing in Berlin, the relationships I form, all I say and do, to HIM ALONE. I WILL seek him and abide and daily wake up literally saying “Not my will, but yours,” and commit myself to him.


The Big Question:

What in your life do you need to commit to God?


Prayer Requests:

  • Job 5:8 lived out in my life and ministry.
  • Travel mercies for myself and my team members as we travel to Berlin on Feb. 11! (Nic, Alex, Abbie, Emily, Claire and Kylie.)
  • Hearts of family and friends with numerous goodbyes and transitions ahead. Me too.
  • The ReachGlobal team in Berlin as 7 newbies join the force in a couple weeks. 


Random Recommendations

Movies to watch:

Case for Christ


Books to read:

When a Nation Forgets God - Lutzer

Places to visit:

The Creation Museum - KY

The Ark Encounter - KY

Me – Berlin


Reckless Love – Cory Asbury (on repeat)

I Know my Redeemer Lives – Nicole C. Mullen

Pieces – Bethel


Next blog will be sent from BERLIN! :D

God’s favor,