"...seated us with him in the heavenly places..."

Ephesians 2:6 “and raised us up with him and seated us with him in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.”


This idea of sitting, being seated at the right hand of God with Jesus comes mostly from Watchman Nee’s book “Sit, Walk, Stand” and I’d highly recommend it. GoCorps and ReachGlobal and hopefully all missions organization encourage, or in my case require, I take a day a week to rest or honor a Sabbath. It doesn’t necessarily need to be Sunday but they push the ideology of taking a day a week to actually rest, refill and refocus on what we’re doing and who we’re really doing it for. Being the business, efficient minded person I am, at first I was very reluctant to the whole deal, thinking “Seriously?! Take an entire day out of my busy week to do nothing?! I could really use that time and put it to better use.” Boy, has God worked in me since then and I pray is that is your thought now, he changes your mind.

Taking a Sabbath or a moment to refill is so much more than necessary, its critical. Taking a Sabbath dates all the way to creation! Man’s first “day” on earth was spent resting with God. And just like us “Christianity (should) begin NOT with a big DO, but with a big DONE.” We must first sit and rest in what Jesus has already DONE for us before we can stand up and walk out our faith. “We begin our Christian life by depending not upon our own doing but upon what he had done.” And we can use this same principle in any stage of our Christian walk, we must  begin with “sitting down,” or otherwise said, Gods greatest work begins at our end. Watchman Nee’s gives the dramatic analogy of a drowning person. The only way to save them is for them to stop struggling or else they’ll take you down as soon as you try to help. You must either knock them unconscious or wait for them to stop struggling before you can save them. This is God with us! He’s just waiting for us to stop struggling, stop trying to do it all on our own strength (which is impossible anyway) and invite him in, let him do it, let him save us.




Where are you drowning? What would it take for you to stop and let God save you?


Quick update:

  • Last week I attended training with ReachGlobal where the Lord met me there. I was also able to meet with 6 other missionaries also serving in Berlin with me.
  • I was able to speak at my sending church, The Oaks Community Church, last Sunday and it was a joy and blessing! Praise God for a church excited to partner with me!!!
  • This week for Thanksgiving I am fortunate to spend it with me ENTIRE immediate family! SO MUCH LOVE!

Ways to pray:

  • God’s continued hand in drawing me to him and eyes fixed on him as I prepare mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  • All logistical prep for the transition of moving overseas (banking details, flights, packing, etc.) to be blessed.
  • ReachGlobal’s Berlin team and the hearts of those I’ll come into contact with.
  • Housing and roommate (whoever she is!) in Berlin, open heart to the gospel


THANK YOU for your prayers and support! I pray God is at WORK in your life making you look LESS LIKE YOURSELF EVERYDAY and more like JESUS!!!

 God’s favor,