Letter to Future Goers

Dear Future Goer,

Whether you're wondering whether to be a Goer at all, or you're in the midst of support raising, or you're a few weeks on the field, I hope this letter encourages you!

Two years ago, I got on a plane, ready to transform. I was Frodo with the ring around his neck headed to Mordor, ready to fight for the future of mankind. I was Moana, sailing into the unknown to restore her island and save the world. (Incidentally, both these movies gave me the courage to get onto that plane.)

Now, two years later, I've found that more than anything I've managed to transform, I've been transformed myself. Since the moment my feet hit this soil, I've constantly been molded, stretched, sometimes even dragged along unwillingly. My empty hands have received gift after gift. I've been a witness to miracles, miracles I did nothing to deserve seeing. I've been poured into and poured into, and then poured into more.

And of course, I still desire to make an impact. But what that impact looks like? It's the overflow of my own transformation trickling into the lives of those around me. And I've found that the more my eyes are fixed on Jesus, not on myself, the more transformation occurs in and around me.

There is nothing more important or beautiful than the glory of God. My encouragement to you is this: RUN AFTER IT. It could take you overseas, it could take you home. Wherever it takes you, that's where you should be. Run after it, and expect to be transformed.

Jesus is amazing. Jesus is the greatest adventure.