Jesus in "Enemy Territory"

A little over a year ago, I was getting ready to leave the U.S. and move to Berlin. At that time, I thought a lot about what I was sure to encounter in Berlin – deeply-rooted problems, hostility, and spiritual darkness. I felt I was headed into enemy territory – a place where Satan, not God, had the upper hand. After all, there was a reason that cities like Berlin needed missionaries to bring more of Jesus there!

But a year later, I’ve realized that Berlin is not enemy territory. It is in this city, where only 2% of people know Jesus, where I have seen God be more powerful than ever. In fact, it is in the darker places of the city that I have seen him be most powerful. God has saved people & healed people before my eyes, to my astonishment. He speaks to people, makes his presence known, works tiny miracles and big miracles, all over this city.

Berlin is not enemy territory, it belongs entirely to God. And Berlin does not need missionaries to BRING more of Jesus to Berlin, but rather to show them how Jesus is already there!

Essentially, what I’ve learned is that NO place is too dark, too hard, and too problematic for Jesus. He is not afraid of any place in Berlin, nor of any place in this world. NOTHING will stop him from coming for his children. And the more deeply I come to know God, the more I find that he is so much greater, so much bigger, so much more powerful than I could understand.