Speaking English all weekend felt weirder than I expected

Hola Amigos! I hope you are all doing well!

I wanted to share with you the amazing opportunity I had last weened to go to an English Immersion camp. For the past 3 months or so I have been helping out with an English class/bible study twice a week. It is such an amazing ministry and it has been so encouraging for me to see how the Lord is working in this city. Many of the students who come are not Christians but they continue to come because it is a free English class. Every week I am amazed at the insight these students have about the bible passage we are reading, even if they don’t have a relationship with the Lord.

Last weekend they had their annual English Immersion camp, a whole weekend of only speaking English! This is a great opportunity for the students because most don’t have the means to travel to an English-speaking country, being completely “immersed” in English is not really an option. But this camp allows them to experience just that. A team came from the US to do the program which consisted of four talks about what the gospel is and what it means to be a follower of Christ. After each talk we broke up into smaller groups and had discussion questions to talk about together. It was really interesting to see what some of the perceptions they had about Christianity and Jesus before this camp, and how they were learning so much about who Jesus is and what he has done for us. We also has some English lessons about pronunciation and common errors Spanish speakers make in English.

I was able to become very good friends with some of the Peruvian students that came to the camp. I am sad to be leaving this city when it feels so much like home. But as I said in an earlier blog post this city is not my home, and neither is San Ramon, or even Rutledge, Pennsylvania. My home is in heaven. But until then I am beyond excited to make my move to the jungle and start working with my team there. The camp encouraged me that the Lord is working in this city, as I am sure he is working in the jungle.

Pray for me as I begin to say goodbye to this city and the beautiful people it holds.

Pray as I finish up language school. I am taking three classes now instead of two, pray for strength and endurance.

And please pray for a smooth transition into life in the jungle.