Need a Rest?

I recently attended a week long conference. So many words can describe the experience: restful, peaceful, exciting, worshipful, fun, inspiring, fulfilling, etc. I met so many people doing the work of God from all over Asia. So much wisdom and experience in one place!! It was encouraging to hear the fun and eye-opening stories and a bit overwhelming on how short my time of service will be here and how long some of the other’s time have been in the field of service. I heard from families, the struggles of raising kids. I engaged with older single women and was overflowed by their wisdom. I met other short termers like myself and listened to their stories and work in their cities. Some of the talks did not seem to apply to me but I think I understand my team better, understand the members better.

I don't think I have prayed that much in one week. I suggest trying it some time. A refreshing wave of peace calms the worries and brings others into your life when you lift them up to God.  My team was in charge of closing the prayer tent (literal tent) every night. The charge became a blessing. My team read prayers written on sticky notes and cards left in the tent, read scripture, and used different styles of prayer (popcorn, Korean, our normal) to talk to God. Highlight of the conference.