My Letter to Future Goers

Two years, done. Memories, witnessed. People, met and cherished. These last two years I have learned so many different lessons that it is difficult to actually pick a few to talk through. I have learned the importance of surrounding yourself with borhter and sisters of the faith that can uplift and lovingly correct you, and you to them. That ministry has so many different facets, and there is no use to pigeon-hole yourself into believing that you will be only doing ONE thing in country. Nope, you need to be incredibly flexible, like think the most flexbile person you know, now triple that, and now you have an idea that you cannot do any of this without the Lord. Honestly, the biggest thing I learned and grew in was my walk and reliance on God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. I had to rely on Him, in every area, every day, in ways I had never even thought of. It was an awesome 2 years of schooling.

Some encouragment I would have is you are going to grow, it will probably be hard, you'll get mad, sad, all of that, but it will be worth it. You will be a stronger, more steadfast worker of the Lord after your term, you will be refined, and stretched, but most importantly you will be someone who is better equipped to glorify the Lord and share His Gospel to those around you. You'll find that geographic and political borders will not dampen or change your passion or desire to be relational and share the Gospel. You're life, if you give these 2 years everything you have, will be drastically changed that will bring God glory. 

Get out there and grow!