From Crisis to Community

"Oh no. I have no one," was my first thought when I cut the tip of my finger in the kitchen on Tuesday. See, my whole team was in Romania that week at a pre-planned conference for which I wasn't eligible to register. So there I was, feeling totally alone in the new city, and then finding myself in what felt like crisis. Not knowing how to respond, I went downstairs to the always-smiling doorman, Rafaele, and, in my best-but-very-broken Italian, tried to explain the situation and ask for help.

Providentially, his wife just happened to be walking by, and stopped to help me wrap my finger in gauze and point me in the direction of the ER.

What started out as very tearful week turned out to be the greatest week in Rome yet.

Even though Sarah, my leader, was away she and the team sent me the most beautiful verses and messages to express their concern and assure me I was loved. Not only that, but she also sent a message out to people from her church and they came around me this past week in such a beautiful way. Take a look at the people of Rome I met this week:

Katrina - Accompanied me to the ER on Tuesday, helped with translation there & offered such awesome moral support

Fjori - Came over to my apartment, never having met me, to keep me company and make me laugh and pray with me after a really hard day 

Veronica & Maria (pictured above, respectively) - came over to help me with washing the dishes and were the brave team that took on the challenge of changing the gauze. They filled my home with such joy and laughter and made the painful process much more enjoyable!

Tiffany - Came over and washed my hair because I couldn't get the wound wet

Andrea - Made all the necessary phone calls & brought me to the professionals later in the week

I can finally say, after this past week, that I feel like finding my place in Rome. I am so encouraged and loved by the people here.

God truly does use all things for our good and He certainly does not leave us alone!