"Is it all for me?"

“Is this all for me?” she wondered as the cargo was being unloaded off the ship.  She watched, astounded, as countless boxes and crates were set before her. 

Ok, let’s back up to get some context.

At training this past week, I met Josh, a fellow teammate also headed to Rome.  I quickly discovered that he also had a similar desire to bring people together for prayer and worship and so one evening after training, we organized an informal gathering and invited all who would come.  Before we began, I remember silently praying, “Lord, let us encounter your presence tonight.  Let us not leave the same as when we came in.” 

Josh began to play his guitar and we quickly entered into worship.  But this wasn’t just singing.  It was worship.  And it was beautiful.  There was no denying God’s sweet presence filling the room.

As we worshipped, I saw a picture a young woman sitting on the floor, her back against a wall.  Although I didn’t see her face, I felt her brokenness and knew I was being gripped to intercede.  I didn’t understand what exactly was taking place in the spiritual realm as I prayed but I didn’t need to.  The Lord just wanted me to pray.

As I prayed for her to know the Father’s love, I saw a picture of a large ship setting out across the Atlantic Ocean.  “The ship has been sent,” I heard.  In that moment, I knew that the Father had responded and had sent His love to her.  It was on its way, headed right to her, and she would soon know it for herself.

The scene changed and I then saw the girl standing on the other side of the Atlantic, watching this beautiful ship approach shore.  When it arrived, a number of workers began unloading the cargo and bringing it to her.  The cargo (which represented God’s love) just kept coming.  Box after box.  Crate after crate.  The contents seemed to be more than she could go through in a lifetime.  And they were all for her.  She stood, hands over her mouth, not knowing how to receive this kind of love.  What had she done to deserve it? 

Later that evening, I began to understand the picture more personally.  The Lord has been filling me with His love and He is sending me across the Atlantic, specifically to young women in Rome who have been wounded and are in need of genuine encounters with His everlasting love.

What a sweet gift to receive at training, the launching point for the next two years of ministry.  This is my call.  I’m not sent to share ideas about faith or talk in lofty Christian lingo.  No, I’m being sent as someone who has walked through brokenness and experienced the loving touch of my heavenly Father in the midst of it.  Rather than ideas, I carry inside me the reality of a Savior who lives and loves and has made a way for the broken to become members of His family.  To be healed.  Restored.  Freed.  Made new.  May Jesuslove be what defines my ministry and may Jesuslove be what thrusts it forward. 

Oh, how I desire to be that ship, filled with a seemingly endless supply of God’s love.  To be the ship that Jesus continues to fill and that He sends out on voyages so others might encounter His love first-hand.  I desire to point others to the endless love of Jesus and say with utmost sincerity, “Yes, it’s all for you.”