The Adventure Begins!

I’ve been in Asia for two weeks now, and I can’t believe how quickly time has flown! I feel like I’m settling in well enough – I’m getting a feel for where some of the need-to-know places are, and the food is fantastic!

The timing of getting here has felt strange, with university students away on vacation and ministry opportunities thin-stretched, I found myself wishing I could be doing more, but I am also thankful for the timing. One benefit to the delays I faced has already become apparent – the language study I started to do on my own has proved itself useful numerous times! It’s not much; I still don’t understand most of what I hear and read, but I’ve come in knowing a few basic phrases and am realizing that a little truly goes a long way. Though most of my time is still being spent among my English-speaking team, I can’t imagine how frustrating and confusing it would be if I had to start the transition without being able to say anything at all when going about the city!

On top of the head start in language, I’m thankful for the time to connect well with my team. I’ve been repeatedly blessed by so many new friends, and I look forward to serving alongside of them. This time has given me the opportunity to meet everyone and enter into the family they’ve established together.

Although it’s a slow time, please be praying for me that I use my time wisely, and productively, as well as to make sure I am firmly rooted in my faith, so that my ministry can be healthy and productive while I am here.