The 2-Year Mark

I've been overseas for 2 years! It seemed like such a long time to commit to, but it has passed so quickly!

I will always be thankful for these two years in my placement(s). Things were rarely easy, but that just brought more opportunities for growth. The Lord led me to this, and He has led me through it. What a privilege to be able to walk towards, into, and through the beautiful calling that God placed in my life three years ago. 

I will stay in my placement for an extra two and a half months to finish my language course. It feels a bit strange to recognize that my initial two year commitment would be finished by now, if things had gone according to "my plan." I expected to be home in the States already, preparing to celebrate my best friend's son's second birthday. I will miss that party, just like I have missed other family events in the past two years. BUT all the unexpected changes in my placement and timeline meant that I was able to go home for Christmas, so I actually got to see my friends and family sooner than I originally planned! And in addition to that, those unexpected changes have also opened up doors for my fiance and I to get married earlier than we imagined. 

God has worked things out so differently than I expected, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Stepping out of my comfort zone has totally been worth it.