August is a quiet month here. Because school is out for summer, most of our ministry programs shut down and a lot of my friends and coworkers leave the country at one point or another. People are filtering back in now, ministries will start up in September, and things will be "normal" again. 

It feels like we're about to hit a reset button. I have been here almost six months, and throughout that time, we have had four short term interns arrive and leave. Each overlapped another at some point, so we haven't been without short-termers since the end of March. As of two days ago, the last of them has gone home, and we are intern-less...until next week when a new intern arrives. 

I have loved working with and getting to know each of our short term interns, but I miss them a ton. I have enjoyed having some extra time to rest this month, but I'm ready to get back into my regular routine. I'm about to jump into a full work schedule all over again, only this time I have experience with the programs and I know what to expect. We're about to jump back into our time together as a team, only this time several people will be missing.

In some ways, we're about to reset and start over, but it's not the same as when I first arrived. I'm not the same as when I first arrived. I have learned so much in my almost-six months here, and I'm looking forward to learning more - more about my teammates, more about my friends and students here, more about this kind of work, more about my God. It's bittersweet knowing that some experiences and communities are in the past while also waiting expectantly for the ones to come.