February Update

Hello Goer Blog Readers!

Everytime I sit down to write, I am amazed at how much can be fit into a month when you're doing this sort of work. We began this month with the students on break from University, so we focused on getting the new members of our team settled in, and we all attended some training on how to care for the children at the local orphanage, which we immedietely put to use by giving the orphanage a visit and meeting them for the first time.

Our compassion team focuses on caring for the orphans who are disabled in some way- and there are quite a few of them. Mental disabilities are common in that wing- in particular cerebral palsy, which leaves the majority of those kids unable to walk, and many of them unable to communicate in any language. The training we recieved focused on teaching us how to play with them in ways that would stimulate their senses, and we also take them around in their wheelchairs and help feed them.

Midway through February, it was time for us to head south for a company conference. Our team of Goers and other interns got to meet families and missionaries from all over Asia, many with decades of experience in cross cultural ministry. For a full week we were able to enjoy sermons and lectures and workshops alongside these people, and hear their stories and benefit from their great experience. It was a very encouraging and refreshing week for us.

We spent an additional week exploring the towns and countryside near the conference area, and then it was time to return to our assigned country for the beginning of classes and language learning again.

Unfortunately many of us collected a variety of injuries and illnesses during our time abroad, so we're hitting the new semester at a bit of a disadvantage. However, with the team having grown in size- and those of us who were here previously now feeling much better equipped- we're very optimistic for the ministry opportunities that the new semester is going to bring.