January Update

Hello Goer Blog readers!

It feels like a lot has happened since the last time I posted. It's been sort of an extended holiday season here in East Asia. First with Christmas- which isn't as big over here as in the States, but still draws a lot of attention from the friends we've made, since they all like being a part of American holiday celebrations- then the new years, and now recently the lunar new year celebrations, which are so big that it seems the entire area shuts down to celebrate it.

The holiday season has been good- because having so many causes for celebration gives us a lot of chances to throw parties- or be invited to them, which is great for meeting new people and building relationships with students. We struggle a bit in our campus outreach sometimes with how busy our students tend to keep themselves. Without exception, they're welcoming and friendly people; but our university in particular is one of the best in the region, and the students study hard 'round the clock to keep up with their classes, and don't often have much free time to spend with us. Finally with the holidays we've had unparalled opportunities to spend time with them, and we were even invited to spend a few days with one of our new friends with his family in a city a few hours away.

Now with finals over we've entered a break period where most of the students have gone home, so our campus ministry has slowed significantly while we wait for the next semester to start. We'll be using our break time productively though; catching up on language learning and compassion work in the local orphanage- and soon we'll be headed to a ministry conference for two weeks to receive training and prayer to equip us for the coming year.

I'm looking forward to the next semester starting in March, and the opportunities it will bring- but in the meantime I will be sure to keep you updated on the developments in the equally important compassion ministry, starting with next month's blog post!