It’s harvest season in Malawi, which means farmers are burning the stocks and bush left in their fields. There are piles and piles of small fires across the land and people also use them to chase out the field mice! Around this time of year, you will start to notice mbewa (mice) kabobs for sale on the side of the roads. They catch them, gut them, boil them, and stack them on a stick. You can buy a huge stick for about $1.50!

My roommate and I decided last year we wanted to try one sometime, so we waited for harvest season to come around again. Realizing it was that time of year again, we decided it had to happen... So we bought a stick and I picked the perfect bite sized little guy (fur, legs, tail, eyes and all!). I wasn’t able to eat the whole thing, but we gave it a try! Squishy, soft, salty and bizarr-o is all I can say.