I’ve had the gift of starting the year “getting to know” people. Seriously, that’s been my job to get to know our work, our team, learn more about Dzaleka refugee camp, and develop relationships. There have absolutely been days when I’m antsy, as I learn to network and live life here, but the days I have spent with new friends, have been beautiful. As friendships begin to develop, I’ve had the honor of sharing conversations about home, life as it is, and dreams of the future.

Refugee is a commonly used word, recently, as we hear about the influx of people crossing borders for safety. And, with that, a million images and ideas of who a refugee is. Refugees leave their homes because it is no longer a safe place to reside. It is no longer a home. They are not just leaving behind the houses they lived in, but their lives: their career, the culture they know best, their communities, sometimes their families. It can be really easy to make “refugee” an identity. My prayer is for that false identity to be broken and for God’s design to be evident-that I would see my friends, and they would see themselves as people of value, with stories that are not yet finished. 

I'll be sending a more detailed update soon, but click here to check out some pictures until then!