Just an update

Well, I was going to write a cool blog about the things I will miss when I am abroad, but this stupid server kicked me off and erased all but the first two sentences of my blog and I am pretty ticked about it. Blogs are about honesty  or whatever I guess and frankly I have no desire to start over since I have literally 0 patience for technology.

Here is a quick update instead and I may try again tomorrow when I don't want to throw this laptop through a wall.

I am 100% funded so Praise the Lord big time for that. I am hoping to hit 110% for safety sake just in case any one is no longer able to be on my financial support team.

Fly fishing and rock climbing season is in full swing in the southeast so I am out slaying trout and climbing stuff whenever I am able. This is one of my favorite forms of ministry as well, since I get to take a small group of guys with me, teach them to fish/climb and engage in discipleship and the gospel.

I have been able to find a few smaller part time jobs in order to replenish my very depleted savings account.

I have been at home in Spartanburg with my family for a few days now and it has been very refreshing.

That's all. I will try again tomorrow to put out another blog.