Tidings they Bring

I remember when I first started to develop expectations of what I wanted to do overseas; one of the first generic ideas to develop was hosting a party where most of the guests were majority people. This Christmas, this goal was realized! It started by running the idea past one of my majority friends who I’ve grown quite close to here. I was reminiscing about how good Christmas time is in the states, how me and my Dad always watch Charlie Brown Christmas together, and how there’s usually desserts out the wazoo (I searched, there is no direct translation of ‘wazoo’ into Arabic).

My friend was more than sold after that, he insisted we celebrate together, including watching Charlie Brown. The day of, I called my friend and officially invited him to my party. The problem was he refused to invite anyone else, “It’s your party, you’re the inviter” he told me. So naturally I called the only other number I had from our group that often hangs out, invited that guy, and asked him to tell others. So at this point I had maybe two attendees and close to zero preparation.

However, one value of living overseas is just learning to roll with the punches, this party was no different. The party happened to fall on a day where my language skill just wasn’t cooperating. I remember praying as I was buying a chicken and heaps of potatoes “God, you gotta do it if you want anything to come of tonight, because I’ve got nothing.” All I can say is, he’s faithful. My friend called me an hour before the party to tell me he was bringing 7 people. They all showed up with heaps of fruit and sweets. We tore into the food, made a valiant attempt to watch Charlie Brown (there is a stunning lack of Arabic subtitles for that program), and then I asked them if we could read the Christmas story together. They graciously agreed!

Better than the food, the sweets, and Charlie Brown, was sitting with my roommate and our majority friends at this party listening to one of them read the Christmas Story in Arabic. It then opened an awesome conversation afterwards about who exactly He is that came, and we did our best to ask and answer questions. I had a goal to host a party, but thank God he took my small goal and made it something much bigger.