Hall of Kinda Sorta Fame

Well, I’m officially closing in on an important milestone, 6 months overseas! Technically I still have a bit more than a week until I officially hit it, but today is my posting day so it’s going out. To celebrate, I wanted to highlight a few of my small and major victories, as well as some of the minor setbacks I’ve experienced.

Small Victories:

-Sticking the landing on my first attempt at entering a bus that was also refusing to stop. Sometimes they just slow down, throw the door open, and clear a seat.

-I baked a cake, twice.

-Not burning the house down whilst using American appliances. Looking at you chargeable razor!

-Spreading the good news of Cinco De Mayo, Tacos, and quidditch. Yes, quidditch.

Minor Setbacks

-Not understanding why the bus driver wouldn’t take my money, only to realize it was because I was offending him by trying to give it to him with my left hand. This thought only occurred after I was left on the street corner puzzled and frustrated.

-Trying to buy and cook peanuts, only to realize I actually tried to buy and cook beans (…in an oven).

-Accidentally hitching a ride on the bus specially designated to take port workers home…oops.

-Discovering there is no ‘colder underside of the pillow’ here, still distraught over this one.

Major Victories


                -Making a call and arranging a meeting with a complete stranger all in the target language.

                -Completed my first 6 months teaching English, and no one even panicked or had a breakdown!

-Capping off 6 months by finally visiting my language helper’s home, meeting his family, and sharing more about the Shepherd I follow and how he is fixing our broken world and hearts (all after praying that God would provide an opportunity for me to share with them!), it was incredible!

The past 6 months have been so hard and good at the same time. Thanks for all your prayers, please continue to pray as I embark on a new and uncertain stage of the journey in the coming months!