So what are you doing with your life?

Hey, What are you doing with your life?

This is the question I was dreading most before taking a two week trip home for Christmas. I am a little over halfway through my two year term and am really becoming a part of the community here, feeling at home more places than my apartment and moving through the city freely without worrying about language. Knowing how quickly the last 14 months have gone by has me looking forward to the next 9 or so as if they are going to whiz by without me being able to savor them. Going home for Christmas, while it was an amazing blessing full of family, cheese, mexican food and people standing in straight lines... it also presented me with a pretty big challenge. How am I going to plan leaving a place I am just feeling so much a part of? A place I know God himself chose for me and a place where so many other people’s stories have been woven together with my own. I guess from the outside looking in it is perfectly logical to begin planning and preparing for the next step since it is less than a year out, but over here I am still seeking the Lord’s wisdom on timing and just how future minded I need to be when I am so fully involved with different ministries and lives in the here and now.

It blows my mind to think about the summer of fundraising before leaving America and how at that point, two years felt like such a large part of my life; and now as I sit down to budget and plan this year I am already feeling the pangs of what leaving this culture will entail.

As I enter into planning for this year I’ll ask y’all to please be praying for me in these ways…


That I would seek the Lord’s will for my life everyday above all else.

That I would continue to seek wise counsel from those who know me to help direct me in my current ministry and future plans.

That I would be efficient and proactive in my planning to utilize my remaining time and resources (planning is SO not my forte).


My roommate and I have recently found and facilitated a small group of young leaders in the local church we attend to form a leadership team, similar to a deacon board.  It is our hope that through meeting with them we can work together to create a leadership team that will give structure to our bilingual service and provide a more efficient way for the church members to serve, get connected and find more ways to learn the Word besides Sunday service.

I will be spending two weeks teaching at a winter kid’s camp with believing and non-believing staff, there will be 9 sponsored orphans from different orphanages attending the camp.

Twice a month I help plan and lead an English corner in the local church where college students and church members come to practice English, we usually play a game or two and then read from the bible, talk about the harder vocabulary, and then share the concepts of Christianity. Through this people are hearing the gospel for the first time and in new ways, and young believers are able to grow in their faith.

My team offers a short term trip over summer break and I will be planning and leading this trip, please have those that might come in your prayers and ask for protection and ease of security in the planning process.   

 Love y'all!