Summer In West Texas

This summer has been an awesome learning and growing experience. I am two months into the process of raising support with only one month left until my Go date. At the beginning I knew--I knew--this summer would be just as hard as it would be great. I knew there would be obstacles. This has been a new experience that brought new struggles I've had to learn how to face. What I am most thankful for this summer are these hard times and struggles; each of those moments has been not only a learning opportunity for me to grow but also an opportunity to be brought nearer to Christ, to rest in the One who saves. What I’ve begun to notice the past two weeks is that I will probably just be getting the hang of raising support right when it is time to leave. That’s fine with me! As the number of my days left decreases, my desire to be among the unreached increases exponentially.

I said I was willing to go, to be the hands and feet of Christ wherever needed and over the last 9 weeks  I’ve fallen in love with a place and a people that I’ve never been to or met before. What I know about this place is that my heavenly Father is doing a work there that He wants me to be a part of. He is after the hearts of many, pursuing them with the same love by which he pursued me. This is the love that makes it possible for me to leave what I know here in Texas and move to a place I know very little about in comparison. This summer has just been one step of many on my personal stairway of growth towards Christ. The tangible blessings I see in my life have given me such confidence about the ways the Lord is changing my life. This summer has been so sweet for me, spending time with old friends and even meeting new ones. Each of these friendships this summer has felt so tended to by a delicate hand of heavenly craftsmanship. I can only imagine what the months to come will bring after seeing all the love poured out thus far. Here’s to hoping for the best and rejoicing through the hard stuff. ( Romans 5:3-5 )​