Newsletter Update - August 2013

We finally moved into our apartment last Monday after living in a hotel for almost two weeks. It is more beautiful than I ever thought. The Father provided so graciously. It was truly He who gave us what we have. A friend of our directors who is well-connected was able to get us an apartment in her complex. We are on the 14th floor! The view and the breeze are wonderful! Through living here, we are becoming closer to the lady who helped us and her heart is being opened! It is so exciting to see and it has only been a week since we moved in!

I also had three demonstration classes this last week. The adult and teen classes were wonderful. My administrator said I had good lessons and that the students would like me. Boy was that a relief! I was able to be silly with the teen's class. I told them that if I saw their cell phones I would take them and call my boyfriend. I have never seen such big scared eyes in my life! I had no cell phone problems though.
The one children’s class, on the other hand, was a nightmare. They ran around the room, they screamed, the boys choked each other, they went through my things…I can't express my shock. They either don't understand me or are pretending not to, because no matter what I did I could not control the class. My administrator was watching me the whole time and did nothing. She didn't even tell me I was a bad teacher at the end. She just said children's classes are difficult, as if what happened was normal. I am just glad to still be alive. I think they can sense fear, but I will be more prepared next time! Bringing out the big guns: stickers!!

Some funny stories:

Tried to ride a motorbike for the first time. Started too fast, lost my shoe, and almost knocked my teammate off the back of the bike. Good thing a nice man drove my shoe over to me or else I would have driven home barefoot!