Where do I begin?

There is just so much to say...

...so I guess I will break it up into sections!

Ministry: My Saturdays consist of lots of fun, english, stress, and great company!!! Natalie and I lead a children's program with our leader Karen and Thai helper Pee Noy from 1:30-2:30...usually 3pm! Then we teach english to youth and adults from 3:00-5:00 and then Natalie and I tutor from 6:00-7:00! So our Saturdays are packed!! 

Children's Ministry: God has been moving! We taught the kids a thai worship song that talked about how God knows us from before we were born and how he loved us always. The kids just love the song and sing it all the time! It is such a beautiful declaration when the children are worshipping out Lord! They seem to understand what we are teaching and they are seeking love and attention more then ever! I absolutely love these children, even though they don't always listen and test us! 

English Class: This has been going great! We officially split into two sections, intermediate and advanced. Natalie, Karen, and I teach the advanced while Todd teaches the intermediate. I feel as though this has been so successful because it really challenges the students who understand to go further and it allows us to help the other students more who are struggling. The Lord is moving! Last week three students came to Natalie and I during the week and we helped them with their homework and went to dinner! We had a blast and these girls are just so sweet! Then during class this past Saturday, another group of students asked Natalie and I to go see a movie with them! It's been so amazing to be invited and accepted by the Thai students, I can't even express how thankful I am! 

Private Tutoring: About three weeks ago I met a single mother playing with her baby boy outside. Natalie and I have been praying to meet more people our age and guess what, she is only 22!! So I started to talk to her and she has just such a great personality! Her name is June and of course she really expressed an interest in learning english (story of our lives-->what it means to be a english speaker in a foreign country!!). So we have met with June twice now, and her second time she asked me if we can read the bible together!! What!??! I was shocked! God is just so good and I didn't even do anything, He put this passion in her heart! Wow, just amazing! Unfortunately we were supposed to meet this saturday and read the bible, but she couldn't. So if you could keep her in your prayers, I cant imagine how angry the enemy is because of her interest in the Lord. 

Health: I have been going through some trails as of late...some health trials! It all started about five weeks ago when I began having a bacterial infection on my eye-lid, then I had to visit the emergency room for diarrhea for four days and another bacterial infection with two IV's. Then last week I had to go the emergency room at another hospital for kidney stones and a skin infection, and today I had to go again because my skin infection--which is severe hives has gotten worse. I have hives all over my body with EXTREME itching--I haven't slept at night in days because the itching gets so bad during the nighttime. I will have to go see the dermatologist again at the end of the week...hopefully the hives get better. Unfortunately hives are really tricky, it could be certain allergens or even environmental. So right now all I can do is wait to see if the steroid injection and meds I got today will help. I am also in the state of waiting with this kidney stone, the doctors think I already passed one but the tests show I have another so we are waiting to see if/when it will pass on its own. 

Thai Language: Due to my health state, missing class so often, and my inability to focus due to this extreme itching...I had to take the rest of this month off from thai class, as well as, the month of January. So right now I will be reviewing my material and using self-discipline to motivative me to study and keep my thai up! And I am in the process of praying and looking for a thai tutor to help me...but this proves to be a difficult task. Prayers are much appreciated in this area as well, I feel that sometimes due to my sickness and lack of focus...my thai is decreasing! But I know God is faithful! 

Holidays!: Although I am a bit late....HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! We had a great time here in Bangkok! Celebrated with my Thai Peace Foundation "family!" We did a potluck style and had a feast of food, fun, and laughter! Unfortunately I wasn't myself because I was just getting over the stomach issues...but the food was still yummy even though I paid for it the next day! haha! In addition, this past thursday we celebrated Father's Day in Thailand (the King's Birthday!). By chance, Natalie and I were on our way home from a meeting and we saw a ton of people celebrating so we joined in the fun! We sang two songs and lit a candle in honor of the King! The picture above gave a small glimpse!! We had fun...oh and we met a Thai Christian woman named Sue who was just so nice! What a blessing! :) 

Please continue to pray with me for health, healing, our ministry, our community, June and her interest in the Lord, the children, and however else you feel led! Thank you!!!