My Letter To Future Goers

So, here I am, in America. It has been twenty months to the day since I left for South Asia and I still can't believe how fast it went by. Technically I am "home" now but it feels like I'm in this very farmiliar place and my home is on the other side of the world. I don't think I ever really thought South Asia could become my home, but it did and I think a part of me will always miss it.

These last two years I saw how a team of total strangers can become a family. I learned how to love and how to be honest and how to communicate while living with my team, but mostly I learned about what it looked like to serve God and I will always be thankful to my team for that. Honestly I couldn't have made it without a single one of them. We danced together, we cooked together, we cried together, we watched movies together, we served together and we did life together.

I learned that a support system back in America was important but nothing was more important than relying on God during the toughest times; when I thought I couldnt go on anymore, when I was weeping by myself in an auto, when I wanted to go to America, when I felt like a failure, nothing was going to give me strength but God.

But mostly I learned what it felt like to live in peace. To be so sure I was living at the center of God's will so that no matter what was happening, or where I was, I felt peace. I was among the lost, in the darkness sharing the light and that was exactly where God wanted me.

So to the future Goer...

It is going to be really hard some days. You're going to miss your family and friends and some days you are probably not going to like your new home.
But, it gets better.
You make relationships with the people around you, with your team and the nationals.
And it changes everything.
You learn to laugh when things go wrong.
You learn to cry together when things get tough (And that makes it a little better).
You learn that dancing makes everything better.
And that eating American food sometimes is  key.
You see God in the sunsets.
And you feel his presence in places you would never have expected.
Your life looks different than you ever could have imagined.
But its beautiful, because you're right where God wants you.
And there's no better place to be.