My Not So Normal Life

I’ve lived in South Asia for over a year now, this place is my home and I love my life here. But I realize the life I live is not exactly normal. Over the year I’ve been here things that were strange in the beginning have become normal; the traffic, the cows, the smells, the noise, the mass amount of people, the chaos… It’s become so normal that I forgot what it was like when I first got here and thought everything was so different.

Well this week my parents came to visit me for the first time here in South Asia and I realized how different my life really looks from theirs. They walked out of the airport and we embraced and cried and all was well in the world because I was hugging my parents for the first time in over a year, then we walked out of the airport and I began to notice the things that aren’t considered “normal” for Americans. 

 The traffic and crazy driving is a normal part of my life, but my parents were holding on for their lives. The cows in the street are a part of life, but they were amazed every time we saw one holding up traffic in the middle of the road. I have become used to the crazy amounts of people always staring at me but they couldn’t understand why everyone would stare at us and not feel weird. I took my parents to my most fancy restaurants that serve the best American food we have here and they were laughing that my favorite restaurant actually had really bad food.  I argued with a man who had cheated me and my parents couldn’t believe I would try to argue for only twenty cents.

 I could go on and on but honestly I think it would be easier to just make a list of things that are the same because South Asia is exactly opposite from America in everyway. And although I knew that I think I really realized it this past week, I think it really hit me this week that I live a weird life. The things that have become so normal are crazy and amazing and weird to most of my friends and family back in the states. And I think in seeing the huge differences this past week I have fallen more in love with South Asia. I think about the chaos of it and the craziness of my life and how my parents just couldn’t believe anything about my life. I realize the Lord has been my constant strength and guidance this past year because this life is not normal, but I love it and I know that love comes from the Lord.