Home is Wherever There's Yarn and a Bookshelf

I am not exactly sure when it happened, but sometime in the last two weeks or so South Asia really became my home. And I know I had been living here for two months already but I don't know if I really called it "home" or not. But all the sudden it became like home.

And really it's pretty little things that make it home... Things like having a kitchen where we can make Chai three times a day, things like a flowery pillow that matches my very pink blanket, things like having a living room to dance in, things like having neighbors and having people in the area who know us and who we look forward to visiting with.

But the things that have really made it home are kinda surprising... For the first two weeks we looked everywhere for a basket to keep my yarn in, I know it seems silly but I wanted somewhere to put all my crochet stuff and so finally we found a basket shop and I found the perfect sized basket for all my yarn. And when I put the basket in my room I had this overwhelming feeling, I just felt at home. And another time my roommate and I kept talking about getting a bookshelf for books we brought, it was more of a distant thought until we found the perfect sized shelf for about $2 and really couldn't say no (it was pretty interesting taking it on an auto rickshaw and carrying it throughout the market all night, but still worth it). We brought it in and set our books on it and it just made our room feel so permanent, it just felt like home all the sudden.

I think the reason all these things make it home is because of how permanent they are. It may sound odd but it's been far more easier this time leaving home because I have a new home to settle into. All of the other times I have spent abroad I spent the time in the country but there was always part of me that longed to be home, but its different here and I think its because I have decided this is my home now. I mean I have an address and a new phone number that I will never be able to remember because its so weird. I don't think about how much longer I have left till I get back to the States because this is my home. I have a place for my yarn and a place for my books and it's home (It sounded so much less nerdy when I was thinking about it now that I am writing it I may see the slight oddness of that statement).

I just spent my first holiday away from my family and although I missed it, I missed the Turkey Bowl and I missed the chaos that is Thanksgiving with my incredibly large family but I also have an amazing new family here that I got to celebrate Thanksgiving with and I am especially grateful for that this year.

These women have already taught me so much and I am so blessed by them everyday. Thank you God for such a unique, crazy, beautiful, and weird group of girls.