We all have a story

There was once a man named Jesus walking with a very large crowd following him. In the crowd was a woman who had been very sick for twelve years, she had gone to many doctors but nothing had made her better, in fact, she had gotten worse. She had heard of Jesus and said "if i ever touch his clothes I will be made well" and so she went to where he was and while in the crowd touched his clothes. Immediately her disease stopped and she knew she was healed. Jesus, feeling the power leave his body turned around to see who had done it and said, "who touched my clothing?" But the disciples said, "You see the large crowd around you, why would you said who touched me?"But the woman, knowing what she had done came trembling in fear and fell down before him and told him the truth. Jesus said, "Daughter your faith has healed you, go in faith and be healed."

In South Asia a woman will draw henna on her hand in order to tell a story. So this week we practiced telling stories, we told our story, we told the story of God and we drew stories in henna from the Word. I drew the story of the sick women who was healed after twelve years. The South Asian culture loves stories and so henna is a great way to start conversations with women all around the city. They sit down next to us and ask us what the story means on our hand and then we tell the story. After we ask if they have ever heard of Jesus and we tell them as much as we can (depending on language barriers right now). 

The thing is, this is new for me, I have never done anything like this before and I was and still am hesitant every time an opportunity presents itself.  But what I have realized is this; my job is to plant that seed, wherever I am, that may be on a train, on a metro, or on the steps of a holy river. All I know is that God will meet me where I am at if I am seeking to find those who are also seeking. Because they are all around, they are seeking to hear stories, stories that will fill them with peace and love, stories that will change their stories.