Saying Good-bye 

This past month I’ve had to say “see ya later” to two of my closest friends in South Asia. Our team started out as five girls and we all moved in together. We did life together, ministry together, we cried and laughed together, we had dance parties together. Now a year and a half later, it's time to return back to America. Before Lindsey left, we all spent one last week together as #5girlsinanauto. About eight months ago we split into two teams as two of our teammates moved to another city in South Asia. We still stayed in close touch, but it was wonderful to be together again. It was hectic and crazy, yet absolutely wonderful week as we had a pizza party at the children’s home, went to Lindsey’s last women’s storying group, and had our group of women from Saturday Prayer over to our house. The night before Lindsey left we sat together sharing memories of the past year and a half, relishing in crazy memories, sweet moments, or the funny quirks of our individual personalities. I’m going to admit, the night was also filled with tears.  I will miss each of these ladies as we go our separate ways. My sisters here have been such an encouragement to me and have taught me more about loving the Lord.

Lindsey has encouraged me with her passion for women. She displays God’s love as she cares for the women that she meets, grieving for bad situations or rejoicing about how they are growing closer to God.

Hannah has encouraged me with her continual joy. She dances and sings wherever she’s at. She displays God’s love by listening intently to people, being patient as they may talk forever. Then she encourages them or rejoices in their successes.

Celeste has encouraged me with her hard-working personality. She always strives to put her efforts towards God’s kingdom. She cares deeply for the people here and desires for them to see the love of our Lord.

Emily has encouraged me with her empathy for people. She’s ready at any moment to talk deep and share truths from God’s word. She has shown God’s love as she embraces the children in gigantic hugs.

These are my teammates, friends, and sisters. I’m close with each of them in different ways and am so grateful to God for them. We are and always will be #5girlsinanauto!

written May 20