What a Year!

Top 10 Moments in 2013!

  1. Growing deeper in my faith and trusting God’s faithfulness. 
  2. Getting the opportunity to follow my dream and serve in South Asia.
  3. Ending a great year at the elementary school, learning so much from my coworkers.
  4. Hanging out with Tuesday Bible Study girls and Youth Group. Teens+Jesus=GREAT TIMES
  5. Spending time with friends from road trips, to playing games, to weekly bible study.
  6. Going to Colorado with my family, including my new niece, and spending a week together.
  7. Getting baptized and having our multicultural group there.
  8. Living with my parents in the beauty and peacefulness of our farm.
  9. A great month of storytelling training.
  10. Spending the past few months in South Asia with an amazing group of people who are now like sisters! 

What a great year, I'm just overwhelmed by the amazing things that have happened in 2013. The best part is that I can't begin to fathom what even more amazing things will happen in 2014. I'm expectant that God will stretch me in completely new ways and  make many amazing things happen this year!

Pray with me for this coming year.

  1. The Good News goes into new languages that have never heard before.
  2. A deeper intimacy with the Lord, for me and for you!
  3. National partners for us to encourage and empower.
  4. Continued language learning.
  5. For God's workers to go to the harvest, where people are spiritually seeking. 

I also encourage you to let me know how faithful God has been and let me know how I can be praying for you in this coming year! Think big, because...well, God can do it!