Next Up!

This past 10 days has been full of a great training. We spent the mornings talking about storying and how to craft stories. We crafted 14+ stories (each person did around 2) and each got to practice  leading a training session (kinda like a bible study). The afternoons were full of language study and lots of recordings. We practiced two different methodologies that get you right into the language. We probably learned over 300+ vocab words, 3 stories, and around 50 phrases. I can tell you I'm learning Hindi and I don't understand. I could also name off some colors for you and random house furniture. Needless to say, I've been feeling somewhat overwhelmed with all that I've learned. I blame this on the fact that I just want to know it all and know it well. But the answer to that, is: I'll get it in time.    

So Next up is the hostel stay. Our team is going to be staying in a couple different hostels. These hostels are made up of women who are studying at the university but are from a different village. So they need a place to stay. The goal is to be immersed into language and culture. Our nice transition into living over seas is coming to an end. I'm very excited for this next phase to begin. 

Please pray with me:
For girls who are willing to help me learn in the hostels and that I can remember.
For some good conversations with the girls about everything.
For opportunities anywhere and everywhere to share about Jesus with boldness. 
For sweet fellowship with the Lord!

Picture: Jyoti loves going to Lodi Gardens and seeing awesome architecture after a long week of storying work!