Ready for the Adventure

I have about four days until I depart on this grand adventure. In the last week I've heard so many times "Are you ready?" My answer is always, "I'm more than ready!" It's a great feeling when you know that God is leading you on a grand adventure. He is the all-knowing, all-powerful God. As it says in the Psalms, He has written the days down before I was even born. In that promise there is a great mystery that has no room for fear or doubt. If I ever have a fear or doubt I know that it's perfectly human. But that's just it. It is me being human instead of living like I have the power of the Almighty guiding every step. Every day is perfectly orchestrated by the Almighty. 

As I prepare to leave, I start to wonder what this adventure might entail. Maybe it's that God is going to speak through me to touch one person, or many. Or maybe it's that God is going to use this adventure to teach me more about Himself or the world He has created. Maybe it'll be both. I know one thing forsure, it'll probably be both and so much more. 

It somewhat reminds me of hiking in the mountains (as shown in my picture, sorry it's so big!). Hiking is always an adventure, wondering what's going to be around the next turn or what you'll see over the next ridge. Yet whatever the adventure brings it's always full of learning and has a way of making me desire to find out what's next. I know that this adventure will draw me closer to my Lord and Savior as I depend on Him through every step and continual desire to find out what's next!