Günah Yenelim!

Maybe its my warrior mindset. I grew up on Rocky, Karate Kid, Power Rangers, and NFL; now my favorite sport is UFC. But seeing the battle fought is so important to me.  And the real enemy in the true battle is Satan. I may not be able to see the actual battle take place, since its invisible to me, but I can see the results. Frustration, impatience, complaining, anger. The battles start extremely subtle but they could have consequences. I’ve gotten in arguments with my wife that have started very simple.  One time I asked her to tell me some thoughts and feelings she was going through.  But as she told me, instead of listening to her I talked more about how I thought we needed to solve this “problem.”  The invalidation that came from my failure to listen and understand led to bad feelings. Satan is the father of lies and miscommunication.  He loves situations like these, whether it’s a married couple, or leaders and kings of countries. 

 I’ve realized there have been subtle miscommunications or misunderstood intentions throughout history that have turned to all out war. This is the battle that we as followers of Christ fight daily.  I follow Jesus Christ because as God in the flesh, He's the One who I’ve seen help humanity smack Satan in the mouth the most (spiritually). HE IS TRULY WORTHY!  Almost everything lve read in the Bible points to Him guiding us through battling Satan’s prideful, fearful, desperate, disobedient, yet extremely subtle tactics. When I succumb to his tactics, it begins with what seems “rational”, but continues on in pride, fear, desperation, and disobedience; coincidence? I don’t think so.  Yet there's something extremely glorious about confessing my wrongs, repenting, and allowing Him to bring me back to my feet and fight for the RIGHT THINGS again. Ive realized that God truly wants to battle with me in the subtle things and if I only come alongside Him when I want a miracle, I will not experience the true glory of the true battle.  I'm learning more and more each day how to come alongside Him.  I've mainly seen it work through mercy and forgiveness.  I will talk about that soon!