A people of gods

Having just landed in the country less than a week ago, I still have much to learn about my new home. So far culture shock and jet lag have not been too much of an issue. One aspect of living here that really stood out to me yesterday, though, is that everyone is so spiritual. In the US many don’t believe in a god or gods, or don’t care whether any exist. Here, everyone believes in the spiritual realm.

Part of our orientation was to visit a place known as an important pilgrimage city. Temples, idols, and rituals were in abundance. At one point we climbed hundreds of stairs to reach a temple. Walking through it was heart-wrenching. These people perform so many actions to try to please the gods and attain blessings. I just wanted to make them understand that God’s grace is free through faith.

The women I was with and I were able to engage a few individuals in conversation. Right now language is a frustrating barrier preventing much interchange. At this point most of our interactions include someone asking for money or a photograph. A few times parents even handed me an infant and then asked to take my picture with their child. I am looking forward to slowly chipping away at that wall and eventually being able to share Truths.

Please pray for ease and speed in language learning and for these people’s eyes to be opened.