Learning is Fun

I have an individual student every Friday who I'm working with on spelling, writing and math. This is part of one of the two power points we've been working on for a few weeks. I give her a list of spelling words for the week and she then chooses a topic for it. For this power point, she chose the topic of zoo animals. After we correct the spelling and grammar of the sentences, we present the information in a power point centered around that topic. Can you say, "incorporating technology" into learning!?!? I know I can! What's more is that she is really, truly very proud of herself. She always comes in and wants to get right down to business with her project.

After our individual lesson, I have another class with her and 5 other students. Our learning for that day just happened to involve a brief segment about zoo animals. This girl got SO excited!!! She raised her hand and said, "Brianna, can I please show the class my power point?!?!?" So, at the end of class, I let her show her power point to the class. Everybody in the class applauded her and she had the biggest smile on her face! That's MY student...I had a pretty big smile on my face too.

I love watching these kids love learning English and do their work well!!!!!