Blog Update 1/26/2013

Family & Friends,

As some of you already know, I will be preaching again at my fellowship this Sunday, January 26th. My fellowship is currently in a series on 'The Miracles of Jesus' and this Sunday I will be teaching on John 6, focusing on the 'Feeding of the Five Thousand' and how that points to Jesus, the Bread of Life. If you have a prayer team, please ask them to join you in prayer!

PLEASE be praying:
For my humility throughout the whole process of standing behind the pulpit
For pure motives in finalizing my message (to glorify God & edify the Body and NOT to glorify "me and my message")
That the Lord will move the congregation to:
                -  Be drawn to Jesus, by the granting of God the Father
                -  Repent from making Jesus into something of their own making
                -  See Jesus as our ONLY Hope and Savior   
                -  Be overwhelmingly satisfied with Jesus, the Bread of Life
                -  Have eyes to see and ear to hear
That the Lord will use my message to draw my good refugee friend, Ara* (name changed for security purposes) to repentance and to put his faith in Jesus, the Savior of the World
For God to give me strength, confidence, and remove all nervousness & anxiety
As a reminder, those interested in having access to my blog in order to receive more frequent updates about what the Lord is doing over here please respond to this e-mail.

Thanks and love y'all!

Because He is Worthy