Hi everyone,

Here is a little update for all of you. Throughout the STINT year, we get two weeks of vacation time, so my teammates and I decided to vacation for one week on a tourist island called Koh Lanta in Thailand. We chose to vacation here because we have our Midyear conference coming up in ChiangMai, Thailand so we decided to come early with some of the other STINT teams and vacation here with them. Thailand isn't one of the cleanest places in the world and several people have gotten sick so I just wanted to ask everyone to be praying for all of us here as we recover, rejuvenate, rest, and have fun as we are hit the midpoint of our year in the missions field. I plan to spend most of the time reflecting on some personal matters that I have been struggling with as of late so please pray that God would give me discernment to process those things. Thanks for all your support.