Weekly Meeting

Hey All,

Here is a little update on how God is moving here in Tokyo. As you should know by now, I am in Tokyo, Japan working as an international intern trying to me college students and tell them about the love of God. Here in Japan, it is not just my teammates from America and Canada that I work with but also Japanese national staff and international campus staff who are the long term people I work with as part of Student Impact (CRU in Japan). Every Friday, Student Impact has a meeting for Christian and non-Christian students to come and either learn how to share their faith with their peers or learn more about God. In America, many universities each have their own separate meetings, but in Japan, that is not possible yet, so there are students from several different universities gathering at the Student Impact center. The picture shows on of the international campus staff teaching the Japanese students how it is important to be open in sharing your faith with everyone and not just the people you feel comfortable with. There are about 20 students, again, from several different universities that come to this weekly meeting regularly and it is always cool to see students rising up to take steps of faith to share the Gospel with their peers.