Semester Planning

Earlier this month, my teammates and I spent a weekend on a retreat to strategically plan out the rest of the semester. During this retreat, we came up with 4 goals we wish to see accomplished before February. The first goal is to "Grow in Prayer" as individuals as well as a team. What this means is that we want prayer to be our first priority as well as bring everything we do and say before God in prayer. The second goal is to "See One Japanese Student Come to Christ." This goal is self-explanatory. The third goal is to "Follow-Up with Students and Have Them Join Student Impact (JCCC)." This goal includes sharing the Gospel is with students, inviting students to Student Impact events, and encouraging the students to come to the weekly meetings, but this goal is not limited to these things. The fourth goal is to "Build more Community with Student Impact Staff and Other Christian Students." This goal involves planning events with the other staff members, inviting Christian students to go evangelizing with us on campus, and praying in fellowship with the staff and Christian students. These are the four goals my teammates and I will be striving for in the rest of this semester. Please join us in prayer as we seek the LORD in these goals. Thanks for all your support.