Walk Week Competition and Prizes

The primary goal and purpose of Walk Week are to raise money and awareness of Goers working among the unreached and to mobilize prayer for the unreached.  But there is also some friendly competition that is a part of Walk Week!  Here's how you can compete and win during Walk Week:

Fundraising Prize Tiers

Raise $100 or more = An awesome GoCorps t-shirt!  

Raise $250 or more = A limited edition GoCorps insulated tumbler and belt bag!

Raise $500 or more = A super cool GoCorps hoody!

Raise $1,000 or more = A Fitbit Versa 4 Fitness Smartwatch!


Biggest Walkers: Prizes for top three adults and top three kids - One day during Walk Week, we encourage every walker to do a long walk... a walk that is a stretch and something that is beyond what they normally do.  We do this as a way of identifying with the millions of those who live the places our Goers serve who walk long distances daily, just to go about their daily needs.   The individual who walks the most miles in one 24 hour period during Walk Week is crowned the Biggest Walker of the Year! Submit your longest walk using this form.

Craziest Walkers: Prizes for the top three craziest walking videos - During Walk Week, kids are encouraged to post a video doing their craziest walk! You can submit your videos by just posting them on your favorite social media platform and tagging @gocorps or upload your video to this form.  Oh, and while this contest is designed for our kids track walkers, we dare some of you adults to submit your own funny walk video!  

Welcome to Walk Week and may the walking, fundraising, praying, (and trash talking) begin!