English is in high demand in the developing world and is a perfect platform for relationships and sharing the good news. As a native English speaker, you are pre-qualified to be an English teacher overseas.  There are also some opportunities to teach other subjects besides English.  You’ll spend about 15+ hours a week in the classroom teaching, and the rest of your time will be spent in language learning and relationship building toward the goal of sharing the good news.

Current placements

Cross-Cultural Teacher

This country in Central Asia is sometimes called the "Poor Man's Switzerland" due to the beautiful mountains that cover much of the country. The poorest country of the former Soviet Union, the needs are great both in development, and spiritually as most people seek to fill their need for God by moving further and further toward fundamental Islam.

Educating Children from Orphanages

The Philippines: a land of bananas, mangoes, pineapples, rice paddies, the home-made jeepney, beautiful white sand beaches with amazing scuba and snorkeling experiences, and the always smiling, friendly Filipinos. This country is rooted in a Catholic, animistic belief system; and many are looking for the truth of the Gospel. This team is based in Manila, a city of 12 million people, with extremes between the rich and poor.

Elementary Teacher

This region is one of beautiful beaches, mountains, and rich biodiversity. Usually areas like this are full of tourists and tourism businesses. Yet, due to the history and current political situation of the region, it can sometimes still feel "undiscovered" by the outside world.

English Teacher

Cobblestoned streets, church spires, and more castles than you can count fill this fairytale land in the heart of Europe. This picturesque place, filled with beauty and a rich history, is spiritually empty. During Communism, only adults were allowed to go to church. This has left several generations unchurched and Atheism is normal. Many people in this region have never read the Bible, let alone know a Christian.

English Teacher

As we greet them on the street, visit them in their homes, and sit with them in cafes, we can see it in their faces.

English Teacher

This province is one of the poorest provinces in the country and is located in a communist nation that prohibits Christian proselytization. Quality of life is low, especially in medical care, economy, and education. Through a bilingual school, this team is providing quality English education through Christian teachers who live out their faith and values before their students. This is the first bilingual school in this country and the vision is to multiply such schools throughout the country.   

English Teacher

Croatia is one of the most beautiful places in all of Europe. Tourists come from all over the world to experience the Croatian coast. However, what most of these tourists never experience is the reality of the brutal lifestyle Roma (Gypsies) experience in Croatia. The Roma people are considered the least, the lost. They are the most discriminated and forgotten people group in all of Europe. They are uneducated, unemployable, and considered by most to be the scum of the world.

English Teacher in Amazon Jungle

Nueva Esperanza is a private Christian school located in San Ramon, Peru. The children of San Ramon deal with many struggles while growing up. Many of the school children live in single parent homes; or they do not have either parent at home because the parents live in a different country. In addition, most of the students are not believers, even though they are attending a Christian school.

ESL Early Childhood Education in Muslim Context

The Republic of Georgia, a small mountainous country nestled between Europe and Asia, is a strategic intersection between Europe and the Middle East. While the majority of the country practices Eastern Orthodox Christianity, the southeast corner of the republic is home to an Iranian Muslim community 160,000 strong.

Teacher for Missionary & Pastor's Kids

Mexico City is the largest city in Latin America, with approximately 21.2 million people in the entire metropolitan area. Accordingly, Mexico City is an important and strategic location for ministry outreach and church planting. For this reason, missionaries and national pastors are looking for a quality educational environment for their children.

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