Sports and competition are common to all peoples and cultures.  Especially among the younger generation, team sports and coaching provide a natural and very effective avenue to develop relationships and to quickly earn a place of respect and influence in the lives of aspiring young athletes.  In addition, some of locations offer the opportunity to use your passion and desire for heightened adrenaline rushes through adventuring in hiking, climbing and othe mountain sports.

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Activities Coordinator

Italy is famous for its art, architecture, food and design. Visitors come from all over the world to see the iconic Tuscan countryside or the canals of Venice. There is so much for a tourist to enjoy. But what about the hearts of the people? What about the spiritual plight of the Italian soul? A 2016 survey of 1,500 Italians found that, surprisingly, only 16% are practicing Catholics, attending some kind of religious function more than once a month. 20% self identify as "atheist." 64% do not affiliate with any particular religious community.

Mentoring through Sports

With Germany located in the center of Europe and the expanding European Union, the capital city of Berlin plays a strategic role in the Eurasian continent and even world. This vibrant German city is home to 3.5 million people from over 180 nations and boasts a rich history, lively creative arts and fashion scene, academic depth and unique blend of old world and contemporary culture from around the globe.

Muslim Immigrant Sports Outreach

In recent years, a significant migration of people from the least-reached world to Europe has created urban villages in the midst of large cities. These urban villages contain large pockets of people who still maintain their language, customs, traditions, and social networks from their county of origin. This phenomenon makes it possible to share Christ with people from countries where it is difficult to enter as a missionary, while in the freedom of a European city.

Program Team Member

El Refugio is located in the heart of the Andes mountains in a small farming town 18 miles northwest of Ecuador's capitol city Quito. As the metropolitan city of Ecuador, Quito is loud and crowded, so the retreat center provides an opportunity for individuals and groups to get away and have a personal encounter with their God and Creator.

Refugee Soccer Outreach

The word “refugee” sparks many different emotions these days, particularly in the current political climate.  However, what if the reason why some (or perhaps even all) refugees were ripped out of their homes was by the design of our sovereign God, to give people who otherwise would potentially never have had a chance to hear the Good News about Jesus to suddenly be in an environment in which they could regularly be in contact with His followers and freely hear the message?  Such is the situation with a people group from one of the least-reached nations in the world, who now are trying to b

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