Sports and competition are common to all peoples and cultures.  Especially among the younger generation, team sports and coaching provide a natural and very effective avenue to develop relationships and to quickly earn a place of respect and influence in the lives of aspiring young athletes.  In addition, some of locations offer the opportunity to use your passion and desire for heightened adrenaline rushes through adventuring in hiking, climbing and othe mountain sports.

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Mentoring through Sports

With Germany located in the center of Europe and the expanding European Union, the capital city of Berlin plays a strategic role in the Eurasian continent and even world. This vibrant German city is home to 3.5 million people from over 180 nations and boasts a rich history, lively creative arts and fashion scene, academic depth and unique blend of old world and contemporary culture from around the globe.      

Sport Outreach

In recent years, a massive migration of people from the least-reached world to Europe has created urban villages in the midst of large cities. These urban villages contain large pockets of people who still maintain their language, customs, traditions, and social networks from their county of origin. This phenomenon makes it possible to share Christ with people from countries where it is difficult to enter as a missionary, while in the freedom of a European city.           

Sports Outreach - Baseball/Softball

Magnificent church buildings occupy places of prominence all throughout the city of Budapest. The central location of church buildings in the major squares of the city is reminiscent of an era in which the institution of the church played a significant role in the life of the city, regularly exerting its influence over many aspects of daily life. But times have changed, and the Budapest of today bears the scars of a godless, communist past while ushering in the reality of a post-Christian present.    

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