Starting hospitals and clinics and addressing health and wellness needs has long been a platform for the gospel globally.  Today, there is the opportunity for mid-term workers to join these efforts!  Being a Goer through the medical track will give you the opportunity to use your medical training and background to bring physical healing to the sick and to help prevent hurt and disease.  Being Christ’s hands and feet in the GoCorps placements will not be easy. These are hard situations with lots of pain and hurt. Here’s a few ideas of what some of your experiences may be like:

  • Spend the morning walking house to house (or hut to hut) telling families about AIDS/HIV prevention and treatment options
  • Do your rotation at the local hospital or clinic where you work
  • Pray with and for your patients and share hope in Christ with them and their families
  • Prayer, worship and crying out to God to heal the wounds of the people that God’s called you to share his love with

Current placements

Community and Women's Health

With Germany located in the center of Europe and the expanding European Union, the capital city of Berlin plays a strategic role in the Eurasian continent and even world. This vibrant German city is home to 3.5 million people from over 180 nations and boasts a rich history, lively creative arts and fashion scene, academic depth and unique blend of old world and contemporary culture from around the globe. But it also has a dark side.

Medical Coordinator

Masatepe is a community of 45,000 people located in the Central Pacific region of Nicaragua, which is the 2nd poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Situated in the heart of the "Meseta," this area is the most densely populated region outside of the capital and unemployment rates are high. The vast majority of Masatepe professes Catholicism or Evangelical Christianity, with over 30 churches established within the town's limits. Yet, we believe the holistic Gospel includes more than what has been experienced here so far.

Medical Specialist

Although the political and social situation prohibits proselytization, the desire of the people and government of this nation to emerge from a communist history and engage with the global economy have opened doors for skilled professionals from the outside to join them in building their nation. The beautiful physical surroundings are only surpassed by the beautiful souls of these gentle people who are hungry to learn, so as to raise their fellow citizens out of their cycle of fatalism.

PT/OT/Speech Therapy/Special Ed

This team serves in a city in China of 8 million people. China's one-child policy, the pressure to provide for his/her parents in their old age, and a worldview that doesn't see every life as valuable has led to an orphan crisis, especially for those born with special needs. Furthermore, families that do keep their children with disabilities have very little services to care for and assist them.

Refugee Community Health Outreach

The word “refugee” sparks many different emotions these days, particularly in the current political climate.  However, what if the reason why some (or perhaps even all) refugees were ripped out of their homes was by the design of our sovereign God, to give people who otherwise would potentially never have had a chance to hear the Good News about Jesus to suddenly be in an environment in which they could regularly be in contact with His followers and freely hear the message?  Such is the situation with a people group from one of the least-reached nations in the world, who now are trying to b

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