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Community Engagement/Training Mentor

The Republic of Georgia, a small mountainous country nestled between Europe and Asia, is a strategic intersection between Europe and the Middle East. While the majority of the country practices Eastern Orthodox Christianity, the southeast corner of the republic is home to an Iranian Muslim community 160,000 strong. After fleeing their homeland, a team of persecuted Iranian Muslim-background believers have come together in Georgia with a holistic vision and plan to see the church grow and be strengthened.

Discipleship and Community Organizing Apprentice

Since the seventies, years of political conflict, natural disasters and a civil war, together with unfavorable economic conditions, have left Nicaragua the second poorest nation in the region after Haiti. Our team in Managua seeks to "strive side by side (Phil. 1:27)" with one another to form Jesus communities alongside Nicaraguans that holistically transform individuals, families, communities and societies.

Family Strengthening Program Development and Research

The Yanesha people live in over 40 communities in the central Amazon Jungle of Peru. Although these tribal peoples were reached with the gospel by Wycliffe in the 60s, the spiritual awakening has since faded, and the churches are small and elderly. The average income of a Yanesha family (5 people) is $50 US per month. Historically, health problems like water-borne diseases have affect childhood development. Preventative medicine is not readily practiced, and the Peruvian medical system has created some dependencies.

Missional Community Resident

East Mountain is a missional community located in Stellenbosch, South Africa that exists to develop Christian leaders for Kingdom service around the world. Located in the Western Cape of South Africa, Stellenbosch is a place where two worlds collide. The scenic beauty of the rugged coastline, stunning mountains and rolling farmland, contrasts with the hopelessness of life in the Township communities. In these tightly populated neighborhoods, tin and wood shacks house more than 1 million people whose daily existence is defined by racial discord, gang violence, rape and unemployment.

Village Community Development Coordinator

This country is located in the midst of huge mountains that reach 24,600 feet. It is the poorest country in Central Asia, and it is home to a people group who are 98.6% Muslim. The spiritual and physical needs in the country are incredibly significant, as people suffer from both physical and spiritual poverty.


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