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Agriculture, creation care and engaging in today's environmental issues at a local level are strategic ways for making a difference in emerging markets.  Recent grads who have a background and experience in these areas are needed to contribute to some exciting projects that are having immediated impact.

Current placements

Agricultural and Environmental Specialist

Masatepe is a community of roughly 45,000 people located in the Central Pacific region of Nicaragua. Situated in the heart of a region known as the "Meseta," this area is believed to be the most densely populated region of the Country outside of the capital. Accordingly, unemployment rates are high. Nicaragua is the 2nd poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and Masatepe has it's fair share of poverty, especially in rural areas.

Agricultural Program Developer

This country is located in the midst of huge mountains that reach 24,600 feet. It is the poorest country in Central Asia, and it is home to a people group who are 98.6% Muslim. The spiritual and physical needs in the country are incredibly significant, as people suffer from both physical and spiritual poverty.

Coordinator for Agricultural Development

This region is one of beautiful beaches, mountains, and rich biodiversity. Usually areas like this are full of tourists and tourism businesses. Yet, due to the history and current political situation of the region, it can sometimes still feel "undiscovered" by the outside world.

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