GoCorps Roadmap

GoCorps Helps You Get from Here to There

What is GoCorps?

GoCorps is a pathway designed to help you go overseas to serve for two years among those with the greatest need and the least opportunity of a gospel witness.  Whether you are a student that is graduating soon or a young professional who's not satisfied with your current job situation, you are at a perfect time to consider serving globally in a mid-term mission placment.  No matter what your long-term career aspirations are, your 20s is the perfect season to live and serve globally.   Take advantage of this unique time in life!

Your first step in the GoCorps process is to decide which track you'd like to apply for.  Each track has been selected because it is a way that as a recent grad you can plug into an existing team and use a specific skill-set to make a difference in your two years of service.   Learn more about each track by clicking it for a short description.

Not sure which track or placement fits you best?  No problem.  Fill out an Inquiry Form and mission coach will get in touch with you to help you figure out the best fit for you. 

Your first step is to apply!  Application Deadlines:

  March 1 for Fall launch dates
  June 1 for Winter launch dates

The application process is important as it will help you to discern if now is the time for you to go.  Through the application process, we’ll help you answer these important questions:

  • Is God calling me to go overeas for two years as my next step?
  • If so, where should I go to and how should I serve?

We encourage you to let the application process help you to discern if going to serve among the poor is a good next step for you this year.  Learn more about the application process here.

After you fill out the GoCorps online application, you'll be contacted regarding additional informational forms for you to fill out. These include a moral questionnaire, doctrinal survey and a physical/health form.

Once we have your application, references and other assessment forms, then you'll be ready for your interview. Most applicants enjoy the interview (and the application process in general) as it has been designed to be a tool in helping you discern what your longer term role in the great commission may be, and specifically help you to discern in what capacity and in what location you may fit best for your next step.

Within ten weeks after your submitting application, you should know if you've been offered an overseas placement to be a GoCorps Goer.

If you're accepted as a GoCorps Goer, you'll receive an email with your assigned 'placement.'  You'll have at least a week to decide if you are going to accept your placement. Your next major step forward in the process after that is the GoCorps Orientation (Go) Week either in last week of May or early September depending on whether you have a Fall or a Winter launch date.  GoWeek is your chance to meet and worship with the other Goers from across the country.  In addition, you'll receive foundational training and importantly, this is where your fundraising process will be launched!

After a week of great fellowship, large and small group meetings, paradigm-bending teachings and prayer and worship, you'll be commissioned to return home to raise up a prayer and financial partnership team.

Your adventure as a Goer will begin in earnest in the ten weeks after GoWeek!  In the months leading up to your departure, you will embark on an important time of training and leadership development through a targeted outreach and fundraising campaign among your own network of supporters. Your goal will be to mobilize your community and build support for your Goer placement, inspiring people to action and, eventually, connecting your local and global communities through your experience.

Fundraising Campaign
The Fundraising Campaign is a short-term, high-impact initiative designed to teach new Goers how to tell their story, identify and mobilize ministry partners, and leverage a network towards a common goal.   In this campaign, we equip each Goer with a number of new tools, coach them towards a challenging but attainable goal, and teach them valuable skills that will serve them well in their GoCorps placement and beyond.

During the months leading up to departure, Goers are responsible to fundraise their monthly expenses for their two years of service (between $1,000-$2,000/mo), start-up costs for travel and training, as well as $1,000 each towards the GoCorps Mobilization Fund – which helps to build the mid-term mission movement and the recruitment of the next class of Goers to fill their shoes during and after their two year placement.  They are also responsible for signing on 50 blog subscribers to follow their journeys throughout the two years.  Through these combined efforts, Goers help to build the GoCorps movement and ensure that this experience is accessible to recent college graduates of all career interests.

At the same time, Goers develop valuable skills that build the foundation for their GoCorps placement.  By honing their ability to craft and deliver a resonant message, identify and marshall resources to support a passion, and engage with broad and diverse audiences on a topic of interest, Goers build confidence in their own potential for leadership.  They also invest personally in the experience in which they are about to embark through hard work and personal contribution of time and vision casting.

To make the campaign a success, we provide Goers with a number of tools and resources, including a comprehensive Partnership Manual and Vision Notebook, and match them to a dedicated Staff or Alumni coach as part of a Go-team to help encourage and support them through the process.  

It all started with you deciding to explore going overseas on a mid-term two year placement and then you applied for GoCorps. You went through the application process, were given a placement assignment, and then you raised a funding and prayer team. You've done a lot already, and it's now time for the launch pad.  The launch pad is where all the final tweaks and preparations are done. Now's the time that you'll be finalizing your visa, arranging your overseas banking, and doing all your final packing and prep. Next comes your final in-country training, and then will come the day when you finally go to the airport and board the plane to join a team that's waiting for you.

God's been working in your heart and life throughout the whole process. At the same time, he's been working in the lives of your teammates in your destination, and in the lives and the situation that your GoCorps assignment will bring you to. He's prepared you for this, and he's called you to this. Get ready for the faith adventure of your life!